On this blog you will find news and updates concerning .BAYERN.

Keep up to date about exciting new websites under the .BAYERN domain and watch the community grow.

Today, .BAYERN will launch with its Sunrise and Landrush registration periods.


Starting today, trademark holders and other interested parties may apply for .bayern domains with participating registrars.

You will find a list of onboarded registrars under „register“ on Our webpage. Please note that Bayern Connect is not responsible for the content of the registrar`s website.

Good luck with your registration!




the Bayern Connect team

BAYERN Startseite


Welcome to Our new page!


As the operator of the new .BAYERN Top-Level-Domain (TLD), Bayern Connect GmbH is pleased to welcome you to this blog. All the latest news concerning .BAYERN will be published here.

Bayern Connect GmbH was founded in 2009. Since then, we have been working on the implementation of .BAYERN. The first milestone was ICANNs decision to allow new TLDs in June 2011. This was the result of a debate held over many years. This revision enabled any organisation or enterprise to apply for its own domain extension.

Applications for geographic extensions, such as .LONDON, .NYC or .BAYERN were especially interesting. Our application, endorsed by the bavarian government, was extensively screened by ICANN for the required technical know-how as well as economic efficiency. On August 12th, 2013 ICANN notified Bayern Connect that the application for .BAYERN had been accepted. Subsequently, on January 23rd 2014, the Operator Agreement was signed by ICANN and Bayern Connect. The last technical trial was successfully completed on May 5th 2014.

Five years ofter the incorporation of Bayern Connect and as a result of great efforts in ICANNs international milieu, .BAYERN will finally commence in July 2014.


We are excited and looking forward to a successfull launch!